A Mother’s Guilty Secret

Okay, here goes… I dread picking up my children from daycare. In fact, I find ways to prolong it. Sick, right?  I’m supposed to want to pick them up.  I’m supposed to miss them so much from a hard day’s work of teaching that I’m bolting out the door at 2:20 pm.  I see aContinue reading “A Mother’s Guilty Secret”

Disciplining my child (and failing)

What do you do when… ~ Your child simply refuses to sit in time-out and instead makes a game of you chasing him around the house? ~  Your child head butts you when you’ve decided to give holding him down in time-out a try? ~  Your child hides from you — at home, in theContinue reading “Disciplining my child (and failing)”

Typical Tuesday Night

As I finish putting away the groceries, I look over to the couch and see he has fallen asleep.  It’s 4:30pm. I brace myself for trouble. For thirty minutes, there is peace.  Little C (my one year-old) and I enjoy a thrown-together meal of leftovers from the fridge while the sleeping beast continues to slumber.Continue reading “Typical Tuesday Night”

“When did you first suspect your son has autism?”

Um, never. Autism was never on our radar, mainly because my husband and I had no real concept of what autism even was (we are learning quickly). Regardless, I have been asked a form of this question by countless therapists, doctors, psychologists, pediatricians, teachers, social workers, friends, and family these past two months.   I’mContinue reading ““When did you first suspect your son has autism?””

When Strangers Call Your Child “Bad”

It was last August, and it still pisses me off. I was with my sister-in-law and her two kids at one of those questionably sanitary play places with all the giant equipment for kids to climb on. I was with my three year-old (spoiler alert: turns out he has autism, but I didn’t realize atContinue reading “When Strangers Call Your Child “Bad””