A Mother’s Guilty Secret

Okay, here goes… I dread picking up my children from daycare. In fact, I find ways to prolong it. Sick, right?  I’m supposed to want to pick them up.  I’m supposed to miss them so much from a hard day’s work of teaching that I’m bolting out the door at 2:20 pm.  I see aContinue reading “A Mother’s Guilty Secret”

A Mother Divided

Most working moms have apprehension and anxiety over sending their children to daycare.  Fortunately, for most, they will eventually discover daycare isn’t so bad and that their children thrive in the environment. Most moms ain’t me. I dread daycare. It terrifies me.  All of those feelings of apprehension and anxiety are completely founded on my part.Continue reading “A Mother Divided”

“When did you first suspect your son has autism?”

Um, never. Autism was never on our radar, mainly because my husband and I had no real concept of what autism even was (we are learning quickly). Regardless, I have been asked a form of this question by countless therapists, doctors, psychologists, pediatricians, teachers, social workers, friends, and family these past two months.   I’mContinue reading ““When did you first suspect your son has autism?””