How a Seven-Year-Old Can Educate the World: #ShareYourAutism

My seven-year-old son recently asked me how many surgeries he had to have before we realized he had autism. It was a reminder to me of how little any of us really understand autism. In truth, trying to explain his diagnosis to him was hard. It’s so, well, open-ended. It’s a spectrum, right? People hearContinue reading “How a Seven-Year-Old Can Educate the World: #ShareYourAutism”

Autism Still Lives Here

Autism still lives here. I want it to leave. I’ve tried taming it, coaxing it, encouraging it to move on. For awhile now, I thought it listened. So sure was I that it had vacated the premises, I made comments like, “I’m not so sure he even has autism,” and “Was the diagnosis even correct?”Continue reading “Autism Still Lives Here”


I’ve been grappling with something. Does my four year-old son really have autism? It’s not an easy question to answer. The umbrella seems rather wide, and my son has just squeaked his way under it. He can’t always find protection from the rain; part of him is perpetually sticking out. There are moments when hisContinue reading “ASD, SPD, WTF?”

The Anniversary of a Diagnosis

A year ago, I received a diagnosis, a slap in the face, a validation. No mother wants to admit she feels a slight twinge of relief at hearing something is “wrong” with her child. But I did.  A small, small part of me thought, So it’s not me.  I’m not a horrible mother.  I haveContinue reading “The Anniversary of a Diagnosis”

Is this autism or NT kid-stuff?

NT: an abbreviation for neuro-typical, a term often used in the autism community to reference those who are not on the spectrum. Ever since my four year-old’s diagnosis of ASD over eight months ago, I find myself constantly wondering, “Is this behavior the effects of autism or just a kid being a kid?” Self-doubt andContinue reading “Is this autism or NT kid-stuff?”

Overdosing on Therapy (the real cost behind it)

  It’s been just over a week now since we parted ways with our in-home ABA therapists. I feel like I can breathe again. I have my family back.  I didn’t realize just how toxic the situation had gotten until my husband said the other day, “Do you realize how much calmer you are now?Continue reading “Overdosing on Therapy (the real cost behind it)”

Lost in a Lingo-laden Land

74. The number of terms I’ve come across since the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder was placed on my child. And the list keeps growing. Just days before we got Big C’s diagnosis of ASD, I’ll never forget what I said to a dear friend of mine with three NT kids (look at me showingContinue reading “Lost in a Lingo-laden Land”

Early Intervention is Key…but wait six months.

Patience = something I don’t have.  I really wish I did.  It’d make life a hell of a lot easier. My impatience leads me to a natural disinclination for doctor’s offices.  I loathe going to the doctor.  Inevitably, you spend more time waiting to see doctors than actually seeing them.  It’s annoying.  I don’t likeContinue reading “Early Intervention is Key…but wait six months.”