The Anniversary of a Diagnosis

A year ago, I received a diagnosis, a slap in the face, a validation. No mother wants to admit she feels a slight twinge of relief at hearing something is “wrong” with her child. But I did.  A small, small part of me thought, So it’s not me.  I’m not a horrible mother.  I haveContinue reading “The Anniversary of a Diagnosis”

Early Intervention is Key…but wait six months.

Patience = something I don’t have.  I really wish I did.  It’d make life a hell of a lot easier. My impatience leads me to a natural disinclination for doctor’s offices.  I loathe going to the doctor.  Inevitably, you spend more time waiting to see doctors than actually seeing them.  It’s annoying.  I don’t likeContinue reading “Early Intervention is Key…but wait six months.”