My Remote Control: a Metaphor for Motherhood

Sometimes, a tv remote can inspire poetry.

So Your Seven Year-old Thinks You’re Lame

Oh, just me? Well, that’s nice. Nice for you anyway. Allow me to share my little anecdote anyway. Misery loves an audience. My family makes it a habit of eating meals together as often as we can. The pandemic helped cement that routine (frantic runs through the drive through on the way to soccer cameContinue reading “So Your Seven Year-old Thinks You’re Lame”

Is this autism or NT kid-stuff?

NT: an abbreviation for neuro-typical, a term often used in the autism community to reference those who are not on the spectrum. Ever since my four year-old’s diagnosis of ASD over eight months ago, I find myself constantly wondering, “Is this behavior the effects of autism or just a kid being a kid?” Self-doubt andContinue reading “Is this autism or NT kid-stuff?”

Why does my Toddler Hate Me?

Jealousy: resentment against a rival (ahem, husband) who enjoys success (ahem, our toddler’s favorite) against another’s success (or lack thereof.  The boy always picks his Daddy). My 18-month old son is starting to give me a complex, people.  A genuine complex. I’ve been waiting for this whole “Daddy” phase to become just that – a phase – but it’sContinue reading “Why does my Toddler Hate Me?”

Autism and Potty Voodoo

In regards to potty training, Big C has actually had a fairly easy time mastering the toilet. I attribute it to his independent and strong-willed nature.  He wants to be more self-sufficient, so that means learning to use the toilet. With that strong will comes a strong determination as to when he should and shouldContinue reading “Autism and Potty Voodoo”