Lightning Bolt Underwear: why you need a pair

Boy runs. Mom weeps. Parenting. My four year-old son ran his first race: a 3K. It started with a declaration to the lady handing out bibs and shirts: “I’m wearing lightning bolt underwear!” He was convinced his underwear would give him powers to run quickly. They did. When the bull horn went off, he took offContinue reading “Lightning Bolt Underwear: why you need a pair”

A heartfelt thank-you (and Happy New Year!)

To my followers, hello!  I’ve been off the radar for a little while now.  I could give you a litany of excuses for why I haven’t been writing, but they can all be summed up in the following phrase: I’m a working mom.  I’m forever impressed by those of you who are too and stillContinue reading “A heartfelt thank-you (and Happy New Year!)”