The Elusive Dipped Cone

Catastrophe: noun. an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster. This story is not. It’s been a month, so this event is actually pretty funny to me now (ah, Time, you good ‘ol healer).  When it was happening though, it really sucked. This is the story of me, my four year-old, and his side-kickContinue reading “The Elusive Dipped Cone”

“Oh, he’s just stimming.”

Stimming: Everybody’s doin’ it. Even you. I have a confession.  I stim.  Every night.  It calms me. Before I go to bed, I count off on my fingers how many hours of sleep I will get.  Sometimes, I have to count half a dozen times just to get that sense of peace. Sound odd?  Maybe a little.Continue reading ““Oh, he’s just stimming.””